Why should I Learn?

Allow me to explain with an example. Suppose Nifty is trading at 8500. You are bullish on nifty and expect that Nifty will go to 8700 in few days. So you bought a Call option of 8700 strike price at Rs. 25/-

  • After one week Nifty really bounces to 8700.
  • But now Call 8700 is trading at 18/-
  • .

Market went up but you are still losing money. When people lose money with buying options they start selling options. Here result is still same i.e. LOSS In stock market, if you have lost the trade someone must have won it.

Check Your Knowledge

Before you join the course try to solve these questions. If you are comfortable with solving this quest you have basic idea of options and you are ready to learn our strategies with adjustments. 1. Nifty call with strike price of 8500 is trading at Rs. 100 at start of month. What would be value of this call option if Nifty Expires on :
  1. (a) 8300 =
  2. (b) 8500=
  3. (c) 8590=
  4. (d) 8635=
  5. (e) 8800=
  6. (f) 7800=
2. Nifty put with strike price of 8200 is trading at Rs. 70 at start of month. What would be value of this put option if Nifty Expires on :
  1. (a) 8200=
  2. (b) 8240=
  3. (c) 8450=
  4. (d) 8170=
  5. (e) 8090=
  6. (f) 8600=

Answers are given in course material with explaination

What You Learn Here?

  1. Options Simplified complete course 9000/-

    Covers in depth knowledge of Derivatives, Options, Greeks, Moneyness, chosing right strike prices for trading. Technical analysis course if absolutely free with course which covers Basics of TA, Important candle sticks, Reversal and trend continuation patterns, indicators and oscillators. Ideal for newbies, day traders and investors who want to lock their downside risk of existing stocks.
    This course covers options basics to advance level. Ideal for people who want to learn from scratch.
    View contents of course. This course covers from basics to advance level.
    Click here for more info.


    Non directional conservative strategy designed for People with basic knowledge of options. Here your position would be properly hedged. If market goes sharply up or down, you will earn in both the scenarios. Typically people carry both positions Call and put but this is not proper hedge. It gives you to lock profit one side only either call or put. In this strategy you will learn how to exit from your position which in trouble with profit or at par


    For people who want to hold good stocks in their portfolio for long term and want minimize their short term downside risk. Here you will learn to lock your downside risk and to convert it into profit.


    For RTGS, NEFT or Cash
    ICICI BANK ACCOUNT NO. : 093501513905
    IFSC: ICIC0000935
    1. a) After depositing money mail me and coordinate with me on whatsaaps mobile 91-9878858215 with your address details.
    2. b) I will mail you content in pdf files.
    3. c) Read the course fully at least twice and if having any doubts mail me.

Though the examples illustrated in the course from Indian stock Market, but that strategies can be applied in many other World exchanges.

How Can i Earn in Options?

Well anybody can earn in stock or index options with basic knowledge of options means how options mechanism works. Little fundamental and technical knowledge is always a plus. You do not need have t “Big Analyst” bone inside you Learn and do virtual trading (just paper trading) for one month and analyse your knowledge.

  1. 1. Follow discipline, discipline and discipline
  2. 2. Plan your trade
  3. 3. Make a exit plan for profit booking
  4. 4. Make another plan ready if trade goes against you
  5. 5. Always choose quality stocks with high liquidity
  6. 6. Avoid greed and fear
  7. 7. Do not overtrade.

Who can join?

Anybody can join this course because 30 minutes trading in day is pretty much sufficient. Ideal for people who are in job and do not have much time for trading